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Insulation FAQ

Can cavity wall insulation cause mould and damp?

No, all our of our insulation products are made from a sterile non-organic fibre. We also complete a full inspection of your home before installation to ensure that any causes of mould or dampness are fixed before we insulate your home. 

Will cavity wall insulation damage my property?

Our process ensures that we limit and avoid all possible damage to a property. We identify any hazards, ensure that the team is aware of them, and put measures in place to ensure that no damage occurs to the property. 

Will rain be able to get into my wall after the insulation process?

Before insulation is installed we complete a full inspection of the home and ensure any holes and gaps are totally sealed before we start. As we complete each section of blown insulation we seal the hole and ensure that it is watertight to avoid any rain getting inside. 

Is it environmentally sustainable?

Yes! 90% of the products we use are made from recycled materials. 

What is it made from?

Our insulation products are made from a mineral wool (not actual wool). It's a silica and sand-glass product that is designed to be resistant to bacteria, shrinkage and to last a lifetime. This also reduces the need for chemicals and solvents in the products. 

How long will it last?

All our insulation products come complete with a 50-year durability warranty. 

How will it affect my property value?

Your property value will increase with insulation. We recently spoke with some local real estate agents who told us the best thing to do to increase the value of a property is to landscape and insulate.  

Is it resistant to insects, mice and common household pests?

Yes. It is not a source of food for insects, mice and other common household pests. Also, the density of the insulation makes it harder for any insects or common household pests to move through it.  

Is it a fire risk?

No, our insulation products are fire resistant and exceeds the New Zealand Building Code guidelines for insulation.  

Are there any health benefits?

Our insulation can help improve the temperature rating of your home to above world health regulation standards. If you are looking for a combination of insulation and a home heating or cooling system, talk to us - we can help you find the perfect solution. 

Can I still get into my roof space once it is insulated?

Yes! Just push the insulation out of the way and once you're done rake it back into place. 

What if I have down-lights in the ceiling?

We have special covers for down-lights that prevent any interference or risk from the insulation. 

Where should I start with insulation?

With a free quote from one of our local installers. If you're looking to do your insulation in steps, we recommend starting with ceiling insulation. You can then follow this with wall insulation, followed by floor insulationContact us by email and request a free quote today.

Is there a way to insulate the walls from inside the house?

Yes! We can do Cosywall installations internally as well as externally (both inside and outside of your home). A lot of people don't realize that this is possible, but it is sometimes a much cheaper alternative and can be better for certain types of houses. If you want to know about whether internal or external application is best, contact us and we will be able to advise you. 

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