Soundproof Your Home with acoustic insulation

Soundproof your home with Acoustic Insulation

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Sound transfer through your home’s walls can be a big problem for many New Zealanders. There are two main issues that may lead you to soundproof your home. These include noise entering the home from external sources like a neighbours social gathering, traffic or machinery operating outside the home. The other issue is internal noise transfer that may happen if someone is watching TV, playing music or cleaning. Noise transfer is a tricky thing to stop there are so many factors to address. In this article we look at the value of acoustic insulation and steps you can take to soundproof your home.w

Will acoustic insulation really help to soundproof your home?

The short answer is yes, Absolutely.

Acoustic Insulation is specifically designed to reduce noise transfer through your walls and help to soundproof your home. One thing to be aware of however, is that completely soundproofing a house is a very specialised task and insulation only takes care of a part of the issue. CosyWall Insulation, our wall insulation product, provides great acoustic benefits which is why we choose it for most installations where soundproofing is an issue.

Noise is made up from soundwaves that travel at different frequencies through the air. High frequency sounds like radio waves you can’t hear at all and so they don’t usually affect us. Mid Frequency sounds like human voices, the TV and general activity along with low frequency sounds like heavy machinery, lower bass tones are the ones that generally affect us.

Different building materials filter or dampen different sound frequencies. So inside the home you’re generally more concerned about filtering out high or mid frequency sounds and acoustic insulation is great at helping to do this. Lower frequency sounds require more work to filter out and while acoustic insulation will help reduce these sounds, it won’t completely stop noise transfer.

The shape, size and construction materials of your home often plays a big part on how easily sound can travel through your home as well.

Our suggestion is that you call us for a free consultation so we can discuss your specific situation and help advise on the best course of action to soundproof your home.

How to sound waves work?

Vibrating objects create movement in surrounding air molecules and causes sound waves. A chain reaction of bumping molecules creates sound waves. Think of a big bass speaker that pushes a lot of air back and forward when it vibrates!

Acoustic Insulation causes these vibrations to slow and acts as a muffler against any unwanted noises. Filling your wall cavities with quality insulation will absorb the unwanted noises and help to soundproof your home.

Uninsulated homes with certain building materials such as aluminum can actually work to amplify sound waves. These materials have a tendency to increase the strength of certain frequencies which are easier to permeate through your home. Acoustic insulation usually reduces and dampens these soundwaves creating a more comfortable living environment.

Installing acoustic insulation

We are experts at installing acoustic insulation in both internal and external walls. Correctly installed insulation ensures there are no gaps or voids that soundwaves can penetrate. Poorly installed insulation can affect its performance and effectiveness.

Are you ready to soundproof your home with acoustic insulation?

If you’ve had enough of loud traffic, outside noises or any other unwanted noise. Acoustic insulation reduces noise transfer between rooms creating a quiet and comfortable living space. Talk to our team today for an obligation free quote on adding acoustic insulation to your home.

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