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    CosyWall Insulation is the perfect solution for your existing walls.

    Why is Wall Insulation important?

    Many older homes have little or no insulation. AAA insulation has the perfect retrofit solution for older New Zealand homes. Don’t stress about the cost and hassle of removing walls to insulate your home. This option can be completed in a matter of days. Retrofit Insulation is hassle-free and cost-effective, and will leave you feeling comfy and warm!

    Is your home poorly insulated?

    One of the biggest factors that help reduce cold air entering your home and keeping the heat in is insulation.

    While many homes have ceiling and underfloor insulation, we find wall insulation has generally not been installed or overlooked. This means that for most older NZ homes, heat escapes through the walls making the home difficult to heat, and often leading to other health issues.

    Signs of an uninsulated house

    Living in an uninsulated house can be a horrible experience and can lead to health issues for your family and damage to your home. Typically if there are areas that are missed with insulation, whether it’s the ceiling, underfloor or walls, you’ll see a presence of some form of mould or condensation building up. It becomes quite obvious in bathrooms, behind furniture in your living room and in the back of wardrobes.

    Why Choose CosyWall Insulation?

    CosyWall Insulation has been installed in New Zealand homes since 2002 and is the leader in dry fiber wall insulation in New Zealand. It has a proven history throughout New Zealand and we’ve proven time and time again that having CosyWall Insulation installed will create beautiful warm living environment and a much healthier home for your family.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The great thing about CosyWall Insulation is that we install it to such a high density that it’s never going to slump or shink inside your walls.

    CosyWall is based on European technology and is proven overseas as well as in New Zealand. The product is not going to deteriorate over time, and once it’s in your walls, it’s there to stay. It will continue performing day in, day out and will never cost you a cent to run.

    The result is a much warmer, healthier home that you’ll love to live in!

    Talk to the team today about having CosyWall Insulation installed into your home.
    CosyWall has been designed to be retrofitted into most New Zealand homes. The only requirement to comply with the New Zealand building code is that your home must be weathertight.

    Provided that’s not an issue, chances are we’ll be able to install into your home with no issues. The best thing to do is contact us so we can have a chat about your needs and arrange a qualified assessor to provide an obligation free quote for your property.
    At CosyWall, we often get questions about the size of the hole we blow through. We’ve been blowing insulation into New Zealand homes for more than 18 years, and over this time we’ve tried different hole sizes from large to very small to test the difference in installation quality and performance.

    What we’ve found is that there is an optimum whole size that enables us to do the job properly, and we choose that hole size based on your specific house. If you’d like to know more, please contact the team at CosyWall and we’d be happy to chat!
    One of the questions we get asked on a regular basis is if we can install CosyWall Insulation into a brick home. Yes, we can install CosyWall into a brick house, and CosyWall is CodeMark certified to be installed into brick houses.

    The product is a specialised German engineered product that’s been designed to be installed into the double brick cavity homes in Europe. CosyWall is designed to go against wet or damp surfaces and includes a water-repellant with specially designed fibers making it ideal for New Zealand brick homes.

    How It Works?

    CosyWall is NOT spray insulation foam, expanding foam, or spray foam insulation. It is a DRY spray-in type insulation. CosyWall insulation is manufactured by melting and spinning a blend of inert, natural minerals, similar to Rockwool insulation.

    CosyWall Insulation is a formaldehyde-free, non-combustible, water repellent, durable dry blown wall insulation. CosyWall is packed in weatherproof plastic CWI bags. You can get wall insulation NZ wide with Cozy Wall insulation.

    The CosyWall in wall insulation system is a multi-purpose product designed to provide effective thermal wall insulation and acoustic wall (soundproofing walls) insulation for existing watertight external timber-framed wall cavities, fibre cement, plywood or sealed masonry veneer claddings. CosyWall has a Codemark Certificate of Conformity, as it is proven to be a reliable insulation option.

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