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    Prefabricated Panels and Cassettes

    If you’re thinking about building you should consider Framelink’s revolutionary new building system. Framelink uses the latest in prefabrication technology to manufacture high performance prefabricated panels and roof cassettes in Auckland. Once your panels are complete, AAA Insulation will assemble them onsite locally and work with the local trades to complete your house.

    The Framelink build system uses standard products and materials so everything is compliant with the New Zealand building code. The main difference is that the build of the structure is assembled in a quality-controlled factory rather than on-site.

    Some of the many advantages of Framelink system over traditional building includes the speed of build, the quality in construction, thermal performance, and affordability. Have a look at the video below to understand some of the benefits of the Framelink system.

    The Framelink System

    The Framelink System has been jointly developed by Scottish company Fleming Homes and leading New Zealand insulation provider Safe-R Insulation.

    The beauty of the Framelink system is that there are no limitations to the combination of products that you can use, allowing us to build high performance panels and cassettes that improve the quality of your build and significantly speed up the build time. Download the brochure to lean more about the Framelink System.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Simply, Framelink Panels and Cassettes are designed to speed up the construction time of your home while providing better thermal efficiency than what you'd typically expect in a New Zealand Home.

    The panels are constructed using LVL Timber framing which will never bend, twist or warp and are blown full of a high performance insulation. They are assembled onsite in a matter of days creating a weathertight environment for you to complete work on the interior and exterior at the same time. This can shave as much as 4 to 6 weeks off your build time.
    Framelink Panels and Cassettes are blown full of CosyWall Insulation, a high performance loose fill product.

    It's blown at such a high density that it will never shrink or slump and has a 50 year durability rating.
    Framelink Panels are designed to be built on a standard rib-raft floor however can also be used as a suspended floor on piles.

    We manufacture the panels from your existing plans or designs and can work with your architect or draftsperson as needed.

    Panels are manufactured in our Auckland factory and once complete, we provide instructions on how to stand them up yourself or we can provide a crew to assemble the structure on your site. This process only takes a few days and can be easily incorporated into your existing building process.
    Framelink Panels and Cassettes are build on an LVL Timber frame. A rigid air barrier is attached to the outside of the panel and a vapour permeable membrane used on the inside.

    A 20mm service cavity is added to the interior and 20mm drainage cavity to the exterior. Direct fix cladding is recommended however ultimately Framelink can work with your preferred choice of products and materials.

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