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    Introducing Warmafloor Floor Insulation

    What is Warmafloor Insulation?

    Warmafloor insulation is a polyester fibre underfloor insulation blanket manufactured specifically for placing between floor joists, against the underside of the floor. This floor insulation blanket has superior strength in both directions compared to some other typical polyester floor insulation blankets or batting.

    The home insulation rolls are uniquely sized to facilitate handling in confined sub-floor spaces and can be torn readily to suit joist length, providing great installed insulation R-values.

    How much difference does insulating your floors make?

    Uninsulated floors have a thermal resistance of R0.6, which can be improved to R1.6 or R1.8. This is done with a Warmafloor insulation blanket system correctly fixed against the floor and between the floor joists (in most buildings with a continuous sub-floor perimeter wall). It also reduces floor draughts through flooring gaps between uncovered timber polished floors. The Warmafloor underfloor insulation blanket is unaffected by humidity or water. Even if it is wet its thermal insulation resistance will be completely restored when dried.

    Warmafloor floor insulation does not represent a health risk to installers or occupiers of insulated buildings and does not promote corrosion on metal building components.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Underfloor insulation can only be applied to certain types of homes. We can send a local assessor out to your property and talk to you about the best options for your home. Contact us on 0800 222 9255 today and let's get the process started!
    About a third of your home’s heat
    is actually lost through the floor, so
    underfloor insulation is just as important
    as ceiling and wall insulation. Underfloor
    insulation is easy to install and makes a huge difference to your homes energy efficiency.
    The thermal resistance value or R-Value required for underfloor insulation to meet the New Zealand Building Code is R-Value 1.3. This standard is the same for all geographic regions.
    Typically our dedicated installation team need at least 40cm height between the ground and the bearer to safely install your insulation. The access point from outside must similarly have at least 40cm height clearance. Areas with less clearance or badly littered with broken glass or debris may not be able to be insulated.

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