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Home Energy Scheme

AAA Insulation is an authorised provider of the New Plymouth Home Energy Scheme. If you’re a home owner, you can apply for a loan to help make your home warmer and greener, and repay the loan with your rates.The Loan can pay for any of the following items

  • Insulation.
  • Double-glazing.
  • Heating and hot water.
  • Solar power.
  • Rain water tanks.
  • Grey water systems.
  • Upgrades and replacements to your septic system.
  • Ventilation.
  • Charging ports for electric cars.
  • Energy-efficient lighting.
  • A home garden package for food and self-sustainability (eg. green houses, fruit and vegetable gardens and raised beds).

new plymouth home energy scheme

How to apply for the home energy scheme loan?

The Home Energy Loan Scheme by New Plymouth Council  allows you to have home entire house insulated without the upfront expense. A fully insulated house is much more energy efficient, making it easier to warm in the winter and cool in the summer. To apply for a loan to insulate your home simply fill out the new plymouth council application form and email it
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Paul’s CosyWall Story

Paul’s CosyWall Story

We caught up with Paul who shares his story about dealing with an uninsulated home over the last 10 years and the difference CosyWall Insulation has made to his life.

Robyn’s CosyWall Story

Robyn’s CosyWall Story

Robyn shares her story of having CosyWall installed in her walls and how it’s changed her life.

Paul’s CosyWall Story

Paul’s CosyWall Story

David shares his experience on how easy it was to have CosyWall Insulation installed in his 100 year old villa, and what a tremendous difference it’s made.

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