Insulation helps prevent heat loss and heat gains in your home

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Insulation acts as a barrier which keeps the outside air out, and the inside air in. It’s essential for keeping your home warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. It’s also one of the best ways to cut your heating and cooling bills in half while helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

In New Zealand, we see extreme temperature fluctuations in both Summer and Winter and what people don’t realise is how much the outside temperature effects your inside environment.

Winter Home Heat Losses

In Winter, heat easily escapes through your walls, ceilings, windows and floors. In a typical uninsulated kiwi house, most of the heat is lost through the roof accounting for as much as 40-50% of your homes heat loss. Walls are your next big item responsible for 30-35% of your losses, followed by Windows, a 15-22% loss, and finally your floors at between 5-10%.

Winter Heat Loss

Summer home heat gains

In Summer we have the opposite issue with New Zealand temperatures soaring past 30 degrees at times. Combine that with humidity and moisture and it makes for hot and sticky summers.

Summer Heat Gains

Over this time of year, the inside of your home heats up with the roof contributing to as much as 50-60% of your homes heat gains. Walls add another 15-25% and windows 12-20%. Floors are responsible for somewhere between 4-8% of your heat gains.

A typical Kiwi home will usually have a bit of insulation in the ceiling however with most our housing stock over 25 years old, insulation standards were fairly minimal. Even if your home is partially insulated, heat can still enter and escape through any air gaps and uninsulated areas. A fully insulated home will work to slows heat gains and losses from a building and seal your thermal envelope.

The best part is that once your home is fully insulated, it will remain so for the life of the building making it easier to heat and cool in the future. With a complete thermal envelope, you’ll notice a reduction in heating and cooling bills. For some people you’ll also notice any drafts and moisture disappear from the home, making it a much healthier place to live for you and your family.

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