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Insulating your walls is a great long term investment – Here’s what you need to know about wall insulation

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Why is wall insulation important and should you be considering insulating your walls?

So you may have seen an ad on TV or online about wall insulation. If you’re considering insulating your walls, then there are a few things we should cover first.

To start, most New Zealand houses built before the 1990s had very poor insulation standards. Builders were required to install minimum levels of roof and underfloor insulation however wall insulation was often overlooked. This lack of wall insulation created a gap in the thermal envelope of many New Zealand homes, making them difficult and costly to keep warm.

Just imagine trying to stay warm on a winter’s day without wearing a Jacket! This is the same principle when thinking about fully insulating your home. Uninsulated walls leave gaps where warm air can easily escape your home and this is why you should consider insulating your walls.

Recognising the importance of well-insulated homes, the government has implemented many initiatives to improve insulation standards in existing and new homes.

So what’s the first step to start insulating your walls?

So most older kiwi homes usually have weatherboard or brick cladding. While there are some homes that use other cladding options, we’re going to focus on these two to start with.

In the situation where your home’s cladding is brick or weatherboard, insulating your walls becomes a fairly straightforward process. There are many blown wall insulation products available such as CosyWall Insulation that can be easily installed through the exterior walls of your house.

Sometimes it may be necessary to install insulation from the inside of the home instead. This may be the case if you’re using brittle cladding products or access from the exterior is difficult.

If installing wall insulation from the inside, you can use either a traditional batts product or a blown insulation product. Blown wall insulation is the preferred option and can be installed without the removal of the linings. Many of our customers time installing wall insulation with a renovation project to create minimum disruption to your home life.

Installing insulation is a specialised task and using a qualified installer is important. Installing insulation yourself is not recommend as incorrectly installed products can lead to house issues and poor product performance.

Does insulating your walls really make a difference?

Yes, absolutely! We’ve had countless stories from clients who can’t believe the difference wall insulation makes to their lives.

Homes become easier to heat in the winter and keep cool in the summer. Homes with wall insulation are typically more energy-efficient, which means savings on energy bills and heating costs. There are also acoustic benefits from insulating your walls and dampening noise transfer both inside and outside your home.

Insulating your walls is a one-time investment that provides ongoing benefits for the life of your home.

How can you tell if your home already has wall insulation?

The best way to work out if your home has wall insulation is to give us a call. AAA Insulation provide a free home assessment to figure out what your current insulation situation is. Our team does an investigation and provides recommendations on how to improve your insulation.

=Insulating your walls is a great long term investment – Here’s what you need to know about wall insulation. Contact us today to book your free home assessment!

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