How to cool your house down in the summer

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Let’s look at ways you can cool your house down this year!

Summertime has arrived in New Zealand and it looks like we’re in for a hot and humid one this year! With it being so hot and sticky, we thought we’d recommend our top 5 ideas to cool your house down this summer!

Close those curtains

You may not realise but up to 30% of your unwanted heat is actually coming in through your windows. Closing your curtains or blinds can help keep your home helps to shade the inside of your home and stops your living space from turning into a greenhouse. Investing in blackout curtains, especially on your south and west facing windows will help even further and provide additional insulation to your rooms.

Close off your unused rooms

If you are running a heat pump or fan in your home, these will be working overtime to cool your house down this summer. Make their life a little bit easier by closing doors and rooms you’re not occupying. This means whatever cooling appliances you do have will be more effective and this will also help to reduce your energy consumption!

Remember to adjust your ceiling fans

If you’re lucky enough to have a ceiling fan, you must remember to reverse the direction in summer. In winter those fans help to move warm air up and around your home but in summer you want the fan set to a higher speed and pushing air straight down to create a cooling effect. Make sure you check your fan is rotating in the right direction?

Make use of your BBQ

Change things up in the summer months by taking your cooking outdoors. The last thing you want to do is take an already hot house and make it even hotter by turning the oven on. Cooking dinner in the backyard or at the park is a much better alternative on those particularly humid evenings!

Ensure your home is fully insulated

For most kiwi’s, insulation (or lack thereof) is something you usually think about in the winter months. This is understandable as all the advertising we see for insulation is about it being used to keep your home warm. What you may not realise is that insulation is equally effective at keeping your home cool in the summer months!

Insulation works a little bit like your chilly bin does. It provides a barrier which stops the outside air getting inside. I know your natural instinct is to open all the windows and doors to let the fresh air in however in the summer when it’s 32 degrees outside, the last thing you want is a hot and humid home.

A fully insulated house means that what effort you put into cooling your home will be much more effective. It also stops the home from heating up as quickly, helping to keep the indoor temperature easier to control throughout the summer.

CosyWall Insulation is an excellent insulation product making it easy to retrofit your existing walls. It’s easily blown into your existing walls without having to remove the linings and for most homes, the process can be done it a single day. It’s not only going to help cool your house down, but it will also work to keep the home warm in the winter!

Talk to the team at AAA Insulation today to find out how you can have CosyWall Insulation installed in your walls!

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