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Introducing CosyWall Insulation


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Retrofit Insulation for Older Homes

Many older homes have little or no insulation.  AAA insulation has the perfect retrofit solution for older New Zealand homes.  Don't stress about the cost and hassle of removing walls to insulate your home. This option can be completed in a matter of days. Retrofit Insulation is hassle-free and cost-effective, and will leave you feeling comfy and warm!

What Is CosyWall?

CosyWall™ insulation (CWI) is an external wall cavity insulation system (EWCIS) for wall insulation, providing thermal insulation and acoustical insulation to wall cavities lined on both sides. The CosyWall house insulation system includes:

  • An assessment of building suitability.
  • Licensed insulation installation of water-repellent glasswool insulation.
  • Durable external wall cladding repair.

How does CosyWall Work? codemark_logo Wall Insulation | Home Insulation - AAA Insulation

CosyWall is NOT spray insulation foam, expanding foam, or spray foam insulation. It is a DRY spray-in type insulation. CosyWall insulation is manufactured by melting and spinning a blend of inert, natural minerals, similar to Rockwool insulation.

CosyWall Insulation is a formaldehyde-free, non-combustible, water repellent, durable dry blown wall insulation. CosyWall is packed in weatherproof plastic CWI bags. You can get wall insulation NZ wide with Cozy Wall insulation.

The CosyWall in wall insulation system is a multi-purpose product designed to provide effective thermal wall insulation and acoustic wall (soundproofing walls) insulation for existing watertight external timber-framed wall cavities, fibre cement, plywood or sealed masonry veneer claddings.  CosyWall has a Codemark Certificate of Conformity,  as it is proven to be a reliable insulation option. 

Types Of Installation? 

People often do not realize that Cosywall can be installed from inside the house as well as outside. This is ideal for houses which have cladding and may be susceptible to cracking during the installation process. Installing Cosywall internally is often a cheaper and safer solution for older homes (depending on the type of cladding they have). We recently saved a customer $1500 on a competitors quote by installing Cosywall internally rather than externally - this was because it was the only service they offered!

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How Do I Know If It Is Right For Me?

Contact us by email! Your local insulation expert will set up a time to assess your property and you can talk about your best options. Contact us by email and request a free quote today.

What About The Rest Of The House?

You can read more about Jet Stream MAX Roof Insulation and Warmafloor Floor Insulation, then talk with your local specialist about options.

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