Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of all our frequently asked insulation questions.

Popular Questions

Why should I insulate my home?

Insulating your home is one of the most effective ways to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency. A well-insulated home helps to maintain a comfortable temperature inside, reduces heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, and can lower your energy bills. Additionally, insulating your home can improve indoor air quality, increase the overall value of your home, and provide a more consistent temperature throughout the year. By insulating your home, you are making a wise investment in your comfort, health, and wallet.

What insulation products do you sell?

At AAA Insulation, we offer a range of insulation products to suit different needs and applications. Our product range includes CosyWall Insulation for existing walls, Acoustic Insulation, Loft Insulation for roof insulation, and Warmafloor for underfloor insulation. All our products are made of a loose-fill glasswool product, which is manufactured by Knauf Insulation. Additionally, we offer Trufill Insulation, which can be installed in the roof, walls, floors, and mid-floors of new builds. Whether you are looking to improve the insulation of your existing home or are building a new one, we have the right insulation solution for you.

Why Choose AAA Insulation?

We are the good guys in the insulation business. We will assess your property and give a free, no-obligation quote. We will listen to you, assess your needs, and clearly explain recommendations. On a budget? Talk to us and we will help you prioritise.

How does insulation work?

The simplest way to describe how insulation works is by using the example of a chilly bin effect.

Typically in a home, you have a lid (the roof insulation). and a base (the floor insulation) and all your homes heat passes out through the walls. Insulation completes your home’s thermal envelope by adding a barrier to your home, allowing your home to retain its heat.

Learn more about how insulation prevents heat loss and heat gains in our recent article.

Will insulating my home save me money?

Having insulation installed in your home is probably one of the best things you can do for the health and wellbeing of your family.

Many customers find that a well insulated home actually decreases the cost of your monthly power bills. The major advantage of having wall insulation installed however isn’t the savings in money, but the health benefits of living in a warmer and dryer home.

We know you’ll love the difference wall insulation can make to your life! Talk to the team at AAA today to find out more!

Wall Insulation

What wall insulation product do you install?

At AAA Insulation, we use CosyWall blown insulation for the walls of existing homes and Trufill Insulation for new builds. Both of these products are manufactured by Knauf Insulation, a leading provider of insulation solutions in New Zealand. They have been widely used in homes across the country for over 20 years and are made of glasswool material which contains up to 80% recycled glass content.

Our use of CosyWall and Trufill insulation ensures that your home is protected from heat loss and heat gain while also being environmentally friendly. The glasswool material is completely safe for families, and you can be confident that it won’t shrink or slump over time. At AAA Insulation, we take pride in using only the best products to provide our customers with the highest quality of insulation services.

What R-Values can be achieved from CosyWall Insulation?

CosyWall Insulation achieves different R-Values based on the wall thickness it’s blown into. The table below provides the thermal resistance values for CosyWall Insulation.

Please use the following information when calculating R-Values.

1) Weatherboard >1950 with nogs. Deduct R0.2 if Sheet cladding.

2) Weatherboard <1950 510c/c, no horizontal nogs

3) Brick with 40mm cavity, no building paper

Total R-values assume 18% thermal bridging as per H1/AS1 & may alter in walls with more or less framing timber.

Does the product present any risks to my family?

Our insulation products are made from a non-combustible material so there is no risk to it catching fire. In fact in the unfortunate event you do experience a fire, the product will actually help to inhibit the spread of it throughout the home.

There are no adverse health effects of the product and it has a 50-year durability rating. Once it’s in the building, it’s in there to perform for the life of the building.

Rental Properties

What are my insulation responsibilities as a landlord?

As a landlord, you have a legal responsibility to your tenants to provide them an insulated home. Your obligated to provide a minimal standard of underfloor and ceiling insulation but landlords are often introducing wall insulation as well.

It increases the value of your home as well as the comfort level of your tenants.

There are several different places you can go to learn more about your responsibilities as a landlord including:

The tenancy website (
Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority website (
The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (

Insulation Funding

Do you provide interest free finance?

Yes, AAA Insulation accepts Q-Card as a payment option, starting at a minimum of $2,500, allows you to be eligible! Interest free rates apply to the following periods and amounts: Interest Free Finance

  • 12 Months – $2,500 – $4,000
  • 24 Months – $4,000 – $5,500
  • 30 Months – $5,500 and above

Contact us for more information on how to apply for finance.

Can I access funding from my bank?

Yes, several New Zealand banks provide funding options to help insulate your home. We’ve detailed some funding options we’re aware of below:

Westpac Warm Up Loan

A Westpac Warm Up loan is available to people living in their own homes and to landlords. You can use it for any mix of insulation, eligible heat pumps, double glazing, ventilation, wood burners and solar power systems.

Warm Home Essentials requires a professional installer like AAA Insulation to install your insulation and also require an insulation. A quote is required to preapprove the loan.

ANZ Good Energy Home Loan

NZ Bank has recently launched their ANZ Good Energy Home Loan. This provides a top up loan to property owners who already have their home loans with ANZ.

The loan provides up to an $80,000 top up at 1% per annum to help create an energy efficient home. The loan can be used to improve or upgrade insulation, ventilation and even solar .

ASB Better Homes Top Up

ASB has joined ANZ and Westpac in offering a low interest top up home loan of up to $80,000 with a 1% interest rate fixed for 3 years. The loan is designed to make your home warmer, dries and more energy efficient.

It’s the perfect option when you want to invest in upgrading your home’s insulation. Lean more about ASB’s low interest loan below.

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