CosyWall Wall Insulation

Why is CosyWall Insulation the best retrofit insulation for your existing walls?

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CosyWall Is the perfect solution for your existing walls as it creates a healthier and safer home environment. CosyWall Insulation is distributed nationally through authorised resellers like AAA Insulation. It’s a special dry fiber glass wool insulation, manufactured as a high-performance wall insulation product. CosyWall Insulation is CodeMark certified a with 50-year guarantee which provides that added assurance that the insulation will keep your home healthier for longer.

Our CosyWall Insulation Service

CosyWall Insulation has been installed in New Zealand homes since 2002. Over these 20 years, the company has continually worked to improve their systems and processes by developing innovative technology to improve the efficiency and delivery of the system. Over the past two decades, CosyWall Insulation has become the leading experts in retrofitting dry fiber wall insulation and there a numerous benefits including…

  • Minimal disturbance to your home through installation
  • Saving on your electricity bills
  • Completing your homes thermal envelope
  • Keeping your home warm and dry through all seasons

Wall Insulation completes your homes thermal envelope by allowing your home to stay warm in winter and cool through the summer. It can also help save money on your home’s electricity bills and provides both thermal and acoustic properties to existing wall cavities. As a blown insulation product, it can be easily installed in most homes without the cost or hassle of removing the internal linings.

Perfect for New Zealand homes

If you have an older New Zealand home that you’re struggling to keep warm, it might be time to insulate your walls. Rather than spending money on a heatpump, double glazing or other source of heating, the best thing you can do is address the cause of the problem. Insulating your walls will ensure that any energy you put into heating and cooling your home is retained, and with CosyWall, the process is easy and cost effective. CosyWall Wall Insulation is only available through authorised installers such as AAA Insulation.

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