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Introducing Qmulus Roof Insulation

What Is Qmulus?

Qmulus® is a soft, granulated mineral wool insulation used in attics, ceilings or roofs for thermal insulation and acoustic insulation. It has all the advantages of glasswool insulation batting materials without the inherent installation disadvantages, so achieves superior installed insulation performance. AAA insulation uses the Jetstream brand. See the video below.

What Is Qmulus Best For?

It is the only formaldehyde free, non-combustible, clean and durable blown insulation that has been used to insulate New Zealand roof attics since 1995. It is particularly effective spray insulation for insulating tight roof cavities, or insulating hard to reach attic spaces. Premium quality Qmulus insulation forms a consistent white layer similar to cotton wool in accessible roof attics. It eliminates energy wasting gaps, joints or vented cavities between the insulation and lining common with blanket or batting.

Blown in Qmulus® insulation NZ is packed in USA branded Atticguard™, AtticPro™ or ClimatePro™ white plastic bags. The total installed thermal roofing insulation effectiveness of Qmulus® is superior to batting or blanket, as it covers the full ceiling - including over and under timber joists - without joints, gaps, thermal bridging, or vented cavities commonly found between linings and batting or blanket insulation. It provides premier insulation values.

How Do I Know If Qmulus Is Right For Me?

Contact us by email! Your local roof insulation expert will set up a time to assess your property and you can talk about your best options. Contact us by email and request a free quote today.

What About The Rest Of The House?

You can read more about CosyWall for Wall Insulation and Warmafloor Floor Insulation, then talk with your local specialist about options.

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