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AAA Insulation - Testimonial

I have had this in my house for two winters and summers, and it has made such a difference to my I life. I feel cool, protected,  and the house is quiet. Winters are warm and cosy. I have no hesitation is recommending this product and this company wholeheartedly. I was so pleased I offered to have any potential customers call me for a reference. 

"Robyn Hewetson, Hastings, New Zealand."

What kind of insulation did you have installed?
I had ceiling and wall insulation installed. I have a 100 year old villa with a 13 & 1/2 foot stud. Tony quoted for installing insulation in the walls,  and filling up the celling over the batts which had been recently put in but did not fully cover the ceiling right to the walls. 

How would you rate the effectiveness of the insulation ?
5 out of 5, outstanding! 

What changes have you noticed since having the insulation installed?
The house is always dry and warm, there is never any moisture on the windows.  My house has become quieter and I find this a huge help, all the noise from the street is removed and the house is peacefull. The acoustics of each room have been greatly enhanced. The sound does not move and bounce, but is held and clear. All my guests notice this. 

How did you find the insulation process?
The process was amazing and simple. On the first day the AAA Insulation team drilled holes all round the outside of the house (it looked like it had measles), then they pumped in the Cozy Wall insulation. It was so fascinating to watch and so obvious that every single gap was filled. They filled the holes and came back the second day to sand and paint over the holes. The house looked perfect! The technician that installed the insulation was courteous, and worked hard throughout the two day process. 

Would you recommend this to family and friends?
I have recommended this Cozy Wall insualtion as put in by AAA insulation to friends and family already. I think every New Zealand home should have it. We live in a damp and cold climate often and summers can be sticky and hot. This insulation does what the word intends; it protects you from the environment, making your home private, comfortable, and silent with a temperature that is so right for each season. 

 There are more testimonials coming, so if you're still not convinced check back soon!





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